India's key B2B exhibition for the building industry
25 - 27 April 2019 • Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India

General Information


Indian Standard Time (IST) = noon Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
Time Difference: London +5.30Hours


The currency used in India is the Rupee, which is divided into 100 paise. 
One lakh is Rs 100,000, written 1,00,000. One crore is Rs 10,000,000, written 1,00,00,000. 
Strictly speaking, you can neither import nor export Indian currency, but there are numerous ATMs, foreign exchange dealers and all major credit cards are accepted


  • Republic of India occupies most of the subcontinent of India in southern Asia (Equals approx. 1/3 the size of USA)

  • The Neighbours of India are: China - Northeast, Pakistan - West, Nepal & Bhutan - North, Bangladesh & Burma - East

  • Mumbai consists of two distinct regions: Mumbai City district and Mumbai Suburban district

  • The total area of Mumbai is 603.4 km2

  • Mumbai is bounded by the Arabian Sea to the west. Many parts of the city lie just above sea level

  • The city has an average elevation of 14 m (46 ft)


  • Mumbai has a population of about 20.7 million
  • By 2030, Mumbai will have an estimated population of 28 million
  • Mumbai accounts for slightly more than 6.16% of India's economy


Winter months in Mumbai reach lows of 17-20 degrees celsius and the summers can go up 34 degrees, possibly higher


Nationals from Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and anyone possessing an Overseas Citizen of India registration do not need visas.  
All other nationalities need to obtain a visa and must check with their local embassy on the requirements. Majority of countries need to apply for an e-Tourist Visa atleast 4 working days before arrival

Dress Code

In the larger cities where there are many tourists you can generally get away with less conservative clothing. A general guide however to avoid offence and to avoid attention should be to ensure you always cover your knees and shoulders


Marathi is recognised as the official language of Mumbai.
English and Hindi are also commonly spoken in the city of Mumbai. Hindi is the official language for at least 30% of the country. English is spoken by the majority for business purposes, political etc. for means of communication with the world.